A No Code Platform to Empower the Creators

How dare you settle for less when FreshLMS has made it so easy for you to build your own remarkable online learning platform

Your Course Content, Your Way

Everything that matters to you while building the course is available in just one click. Upload Videos, Embed Videos from popular players, Create Documents, Add Documents, Add Audio and also create the quizzes at the chapter level as well
Aah one more point.. You can embed videos from Amazon S3 as well.

You are in charge of Your Payments.

Connect to your Stripe or PayPal and be in charge of your payments from day zero. We HATE taking commissions because it's your money !!

Memberships are beautiful…You should have one

It's just beautiful to just sell once but keeping getting the revenue every month.. That's the beauty of Memberships and you can enable it for your courses in just a blink of an eye!!

Let's Test: Quizzes and Assessments

Taking assessments is tough but build one is super easy in FreshLMS. Different question types - Multichoice, Single Choice, videos, audio in the background, and many more possibilities

Your Course | Your Brand | Your Way

FreshLMS is a canvas. You paint it the way you wish to. Your brand colors on how the members take the course, how the sales landing page looks like, How the URLs of the member login, sales landing pages be like, How the login and registration pages look like.. everything is in your control !!

Language Does Matter

Any language on this earth is possible for FreshLMS. Change every word, sentence and present it to the world in the language of your choice. We love the smile on your face now

Smart Third-Party Integrations

Sell your digital courses like hotcakes with the right technological infrastructure. Powered by unique features, FreshLMS helps you create courses, drive sales, onboard learners, and scale seamlessly, without ever writing a single line of code.

Create your knowledge commerce website and start selling your skill in less than 60 minutes

From the Einstein of Coding to the Leonardo of Music. This is where you create future prodigies, one course at a time.

From the Einstein of Coding to the Leonardo of Music.This is where you create future prodigies, one course at a time.