Steps to Create Your Own Quiz

Let's see how to create the Quiz in the following steps:

Step 1:
  1. Login to FreshLMS portal
  2. Click on Quiz/Assessments on the left-hand side
  3. Click on ‘Create your own Assessment
  4. Name your assessment and click ‘Next
This is the Welcome Screen. The welcome screen is the first screen your assessment takers will see. 
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Note: Settings of each screen are placed on the right-hand side. For each screen, you can change the background colour and image along with other settings like timer, voice, questions, type of answers etc.

Step 2:

Click on “Heading” on the right-hand side and change your ‘Quiz Heading’ and ‘SubHeading’ as shown below.
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Step 3:

“LEAD GENERATION” Button will help you capture details of the Quiz Takers. Click on ‘Add Field’ if additional details needed.
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Step 4:

You can also show the lead generation either before quiz or after quiz. You will find this option in settings.
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Step 5:

Start your Quiz Questions by clicking on Q1 – QUIZ QUESTION GOES HERE on the left-hand side. Frame your question and answers by clicking on ‘Question’ and ‘Answer’ button on the right-hand side.
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Step 6:

Additional settings of your Q/A Pages

You can set the timer to answer each question as highlighted in below screen.
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Step 7:

You can also set your answer options in the form of Images and also quiz takers can pick single or multiple options also.
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NOTE : Make sure your content is saved. Click on the ‘Save’ button on the top right corner for each and every question. 

Step 8:
  1. Continue adding your questions by clicking on the ‘Add Question’ button on the left-hand side.
  2. Design your ‘Results and ThankYou Page

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Step 9:

Finally, you can Preview, Share and change the entire Quiz Settings as shown in the below screen.
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