HubSpot Integration

HubSpot CRM is one of the top and major companies utilize to ensure their Hubspot CRM is one of the top and major companies utilize to ensure their sales and customer service to get under control within their organizations. By utilizing the Hubspot automation the sales teams can gain significant power over their customer base. Finally, with Hubspot, many companies can effectively leverage their ability to ensure high sales, maximize re-selling opportunities, and most of all, build solid customer relationships.
With HubSpot and FreshLMS integration you can achieve the following:
  • Push leads from FreshLMS to HubSpot
  • Trigger Campaigns and Workflows
  • View the member data directly in HubSpot
  • View Report URL directly in HubSpot
The steps to enable the FreshLMS, HubSpot integration is as below:

Step 1:

Login to your FreshLMS account
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Step 2:

Click on “Settings”
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Step 3:

Select the “Integrations” section and “Enable” Hubspot
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Step 4:
Then it takes to your HubSpot login page and there need to add the user “Email Id” and “Password”. 
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Step 5: 
Click on the "Grant Access" button.
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Step 6:
That’s it your account will be integrated with the Hubspot successfully and from now if any member hits your course then it would be added into your Hubspot account.
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Step 7: 
Now let’s see where the Members will be added in your Hubspot account.
For that, you need to do the following steps:
  1. Go to your Hubspot account
  2. Open your “Dashboard
  3. Choose the option “Contacts” that exists in the Menu bar.
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Step 8:
Now you can view the contacts that have been added to the list. In this way, you can Integrate and push your leads into Hubspot.
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