Learn. Apply. Grow

Empower your teams, partners, and customers to learn with an on-demand gamified platform, customized with your brand and content.
What FreshLMS can do for you?

Empower your teams to learn with on-demand gamified platform, customized with your brand and content.

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Generate Revenue

Education is a massive opportunity that almost any company can use to generate more leads, retain more customers, and help more people. Inbound marketing is precisely that.

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Automate Onboarding

Reduce onboarding time of employees, partners and customers with self service platform

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Increase Adoption

Develop on-demand learning Nuggests and just-in-time material to increase your product adoption across the world.

Why FreshLMS

Just have your content ready. We have everything else to get your academy up and running. 

Build a beautiful course with just few clicks.


Just upload the videos and we will take care of the storage and security


Test the knowledge of your learners through interactive quizzes


Differentiate the best learners by giving a token of appreciation


Send the data to the required systems in just a few clicks.


Know the status of the courses and the subscriptions in one click


Setup to take payments from your favourite provider in a click.


Make learning fun by introducing gamification

The best online courses
are built wth Fresh LMS
                Our products are powerful and flexible, and scale to meet the needs of any business.


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