Turn Your Passion into Income 

Just have your content ready. We have everything else to get your 
learning platform up and running. 
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Why Build a Course 

Top 3 Reasons why you should create courses

Earn Income
Generate Leads
Build your brand

Why FreshLMS  

Just have your content ready. We have everything else to get
your learning platform up and running. 
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Course Builder
Build a beautiful course with just a 
few clicks
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Video Hosting
Just upload the videos and we will take 
care of the stage and security
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Test the knowledge of your learner's 
throughs interactive quizzes
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Difference the best learners by
giving a token of appreciation
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Send the data to the required systems
in just a few clicks
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Know the status of the course and the 
subscriptions in one click
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Setup to take payments from your 
favourite provider in click 
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Make learning fun by introducing
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Embed Anything
Include youtube videos, Docs, Pdf
presentations and many more in your course

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Collaborate with the other learners
and the trainers via chat, comments
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Share your feedback on the course
via likes and dislikes 
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Mobile Ready
Access the course from anywhere

FreshLMS is Solopreneurs as well as for Fortune 500 companies

Solopreneurs: Time for a change
Empower your teams, parents, and customers to earn with 
an on-demand gamified plat for customized with your 
brand and content
Learning Platform for Solopreneurs 1
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