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Hear from our customers how FreshLMS helped them build their Online Learning Platform.
I Love FreshLMS

I love the simplicity of setting up a quiz or course. Support is always ready to help and responsive to my suggestions. My clients will love this platform.

– Robert
Great Product

“FreshLMS – Great course creation tool for even the non-technical business owner”

– Cindy Fort
I Love it

It’s my first LMS and it’s perfect for me, as it’s very easy to use and also powerful!Special mention to the user support, quickly and very helpful.It has a lot of potential. My best wishes to the team.

– Maria.Ikigai
This is great for course developers


“I tried them all: Thinkific, Teachable and ThriveTemes. But FreshLMS is really best in class. Easy to deploy and having almost all functionalities at a fraction of the cost of those large and knows systems.Since I bought the deal, I received already a lot of new functionalities implemented. 💪Above all their user support is amazing. Even on Sundays reaction to my questions under 5 minutes 😳Keep up the good work “



Good platform, super helpful team


I’m in the process of setting up an online school and have looked at teachable, thinkific and ended up subscribing to Learnworlds. I’ve stalled a little of late and haven’t progressed it much. Having seen this platform, I signed up for the free trial to see what it was like. With nothing to lose, and the opportunity to make hug savings, I mocked up one of my courses in FreshLMS. I’ve just bought myself a plan because I really feel that FreshLMS will deliver what I need. I’ll be cancelling the subscription I’ve got with Learnworlds because FreshLMS gives me what I need.

– danielmerrick


Super fast and highly responsive


I don’t tend to give reviews but FreshLMS is amazing so I thought to share my great experience. First of all and the most important is that the platform is super fast and highly responsive, it looks that the founder designed the product very carefully to cover any need regarding selling a course.

– Dimitrios


Good people behind great idea!



We’ve seen amazing results already with FreshLMS. The system is easy to use and the perks are well worth the investment! Thanks for the great service. Customer support from the guys is another reason I am sending the 5 tacos!

– excellentstandard


Just What I need
I can write this review now with the knowledge I gathered during my trial and tell you about why I am confident enough in FreshLMS5 years ago I was asked to teach at a University as an expert practitioner (I am not an academic) and I jumped at the chance. With Covid-19 limiting client contact, I decided to package the modules I was teaching at the University for delivering online to others. So far I have been doing it all on Facebook, but had looked at Teachable as I’ve taken a few courses on that platform too.For what I need, which is simply to have videos embedded from pCloud and an ability to mark them as completed FreshLMS works immediately as is. What is exciting to me is that they are very responsive and, judging by recent emails I have received, also moving forward rapidly with improvements to their platform.

– Andrew Burnett
I Love FreshLMS

After being partially spoiled by Teachable, I didn’t have high expectations. Yet, the platform was a pleasant surprise. The user interface is clean, simplistic, no unnecessary stuff. Significant bonus points go to Rahul for being extremely helpful, and addressing many questions in real time via chat.

– Eugen Spivak
Loving the system

We launched our Fellowship in Aviation Medicine course in less than a week on FreshLMS. Our paramedics and doctors are loving the system

– Rahul Singh

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